CertHum Database Backups

Note - These backups have only been tested on recovering the RocksDB Kusama archive database (ksmcc3) on a Kusama archive node. It is not intended to be used on any other node or in any other way than described below.

IMPORTANT: These should only be used for testing purposes. For production, the best practice is to sync your node over the network from beginning. Only recover from backups off of a private backup copy which you have created (CertHum does not use these backups and recovers from private copies.)
These backups are NOT endorsed by any 3rd party.

These should be only restored in the following directory (do not alter directory path):

/home/polkadot/.local/share/polkadot/chains/ksmcc3/db – for the Kusama Archive RocksDB

Recovering this backup to any directory path other than the one provided above will impact crash consistency and potentially corrupt your database on process failure resulting in financial loss.

Kusama Archive Database Backup for Kusama Archive node.
Direct DL Link: https://certhum.com/?goto=KRxGTigATRESGB9SEQwIIjU5eiBZQUEzLBhNOTZoLD0pSRUbNwwHNSRXMAwgaBMSOQ
ZST dict file (required): https://certhum.com/?goto=KRxGTigATRESGB9SEQwIIjU5eiBZQUEzLBhNOTZoLD0pSRUKJRtCJD0aMA

#wget both files and make sure to delete current contents of database directory if they exist, then extract to target. ZSTD lets you specify how many processors you want to assign to the job. Check your MD5 before extracting!

wget -O kusama-arch-backup.tar.zst https://certhum.com/?goto=KRxGTigATRESGB9SEQwIIjU5eiBZQUEzLBhNOTZoLy4pSk0Jew4eIzwQMgh8MggTYxQ7OQ
wget -O kusama-arch-sst.dict https://certhum.com/?goto=KRxGTigATRESGB9SEQwIIjU5eiBZQUErKh8CMD4mOQ
sudo tar -I 'zstd -vd ENTER-NUMBER-OF-PROCS-TO-USE -D YOUR-PATH/kusama-arch-sst.dict' -xvf kusama-arch-backup.tar.zst -C /home/polkadot/.local/share/polkadot/chains/ksmcc3/db --strip-components=8